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Together for a Just Transition (Brussels-based event)

We are happy to host and invite you to our networking event for just transition experts and changemakers! Get to know other individuals and organisations from Brussels and beyond working to make just transition a reality! Learn about our recently published book A European Just Transition for Better World which includes some of the latest, most progressive ideas on Just Transition.

About the Event

This event will be a thematic networking opportunity for experts, professionals, civil society, green actors, trade unions, young people and business representatives working on just transition related themes. Join us as we exchange between different thinkers, topics and actors on how to provide an opportunity to live a good life for all within planetary boundaries.

Throughout the event you will have a chance to meet some of the Authors of the recently published book A European Just Transition for a Better World and get your own copy.



This event is part of the Green European Foundations Just Transition transnational project. The project looks into the question of transforming from an extractive to a regenerative economy in a just and equitable way, finding the necessary support among the population. It seeks to show that the green family, including GEF in its specific role, is a leading actor in the development of future-proof politics and policies, developed in a sensitive way that keeps in mind local specificities.



-Welcome and Introductions

Dirk Holemans, GEF Co-President and editor of the European Just Transition for a Better World book

-Thematic networking tables

Youth perspectives of Just Transition with Lorenzo Manca, Climate Justice Coordinator, Generation Climate EuropeFit for 55 package and the European Green Deal, Katharina Wiese, Senior Policy Officer for Economic Transition and Gender Equality, European Environmental BureauTrade Unions perspectives of Just Transition, with Kalina Arabadjieva, Researcher, European Trade Union InsituteWhat does a Just Transition mean for cities? with Claire Roumet, Strategic partnerships, EU Policy & Overall Coordination, Energy Cities



Date and time: 22nd November, 18:00-20:00 PM CEST

Location: Mundo Madou, Tandem Café, Avenue des Arts 7-8, Brussels, Belgium

Format: Thematic exchanges and networking, including a drink


Registrations: This event is open to registered participants. Sign up here!

Copies of the European Just Transition for a Better World book will be available at the venue

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Tuesday 22 november 2022 - 18h00 / 20h00


Green European Foundation / GEF

Giovanna Lamarca
T. +32 491 91 53 26