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WWF Belgium and Be Planet partner up again in favour of nature and biodiversity

Nature close to us needs help and projects are only really efficient if they are led by local
people. Thats why WWF Belgium has created in 2021 the "Fonds pour la nature
d'ici / Fonds voor natuur bij ons. The aim of this fund is to financially support small-scale
and local initiatives that contribute to the preservation of nature in Belgium and that are led
by local associations and residents.
The projects selected by the jury will receive financial support varying between €2500 and
€5000. If you know a local organization that has good ideas for restoring nature in their
neighbourhood or if you have a project with a positive impact on your local environment,
please spread the word and/or submit your application !
The projects must be related to one or more of the following themes : nature & biodiversity - agriculture - pollution - drought and climate. And the completed files sent before September 22. All the informations on fonds.wwf.be
WWF Belgium is running this project in partnership with Be Planet, resident at Mundo B. Be Planet supports and federates innovative local initiatives that are set up by citizens and
organisations and that have a positive impact on the environment and the solidarity.

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Monday 22 mai 2023 / Friday 22 september 2023


Be Planet

Fondation Be Planet