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1 click (yours?) to better protect the Ocean and seas in Europe

Blue Up 2024! - THE campaign for the European elections of the associations and citizens working and caring for the protection of the Ocean - has just started its 2nd phase: its voting phase. 

We have summarised 400 contributions received from citizens and experts on what Europe should do to protect Europe's seas and our blue planet into top 10 demands. We will take them to the political parties and candidates running for the European elections. The objective? To put the protection of the Ocean on the agenda of the May 2024 elections and to push the parties and candidates to commit to action.

For this, we need 50,000 supporters from all over Europe. 

We need your clicks. It takes less than a minute and no data or even your name or email is collected. You can't imagine how much of a difference one click can make.

Please help us! VOTE & share >> Click on "I support the 10 demands" on www.oceanvoice.eu
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