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DOMINO: Play the energy saving game with smartplugs

DOMINO is a serious game that will help consumers to alter their energy consumption habits. By taking the DOMINO Challenge, you will be empowered with knowledge that will lead to you increasing your households energy efficiency.

You will save electricity (thats money we are talking about!), as well as get to try out a new technology: Smart Plugs! The smart plugs measure the electricity use of your household appliances and send the information directly to your smartphone. Based on what the smart plugs say, the DOMINO team will provide energy-saving tips to help you save electricity.

There are also prizes worth €500 to win for the best teams. But, of course, once you start playing youre already a winner because you save electricity: between 5 25 % of your appliances electricity in 3 months.

Who can play?

If you live in Brussels its time to get smart and get your smart plugs.

How to play?

Gather a team of five households and register online at Wait for your smart plugs, download the DOMINO App and beat the game!

 Its free, its fun, its DOMINO.

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