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Looking for a new caterer ! 

*** Applications closed *** 

We are currently looking for an operator for the restaurant space at Mundo Matongé to provide catering services!

Do you wish to launch a culinary project? To delight our tenants and the neighborhood? Or do you know potential candidates?

Go for it!

This space includes:

  • A kitchen A counter/bar area 
  • A dining room: +/- 70 seated places 
  • A terrace: +/- 30 seated places 
  • A garden: +/- 30 seated places

Elements considered as assets in the candidate selection:

  • Use of certified organic agricultural products 
  • Partial organic certification of the restaurant 
  • Use of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients 
  • Use of fair trade ingredients 
  • A sufficient and varied offering for vegetarians 
  • Incorporation of a social approach 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Acceptance of meal vouchers

For more information, refer to our specifications below. 

Interested? Contact us to arrange a site visit. 

Submission of applications is desired by September 30, 2023.


Contact: Céline Vesters Email: softservices@mundo-lab.org