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10 years of change: “Beyond the barricades. What does European politics today owe to protests?”

The Green European Journal presents the first event of their series 10 years of change: Beyond the barricades. What does European politics today owe to protests?


Over the past 10 years, successive waves of protests have swept across Europes many cities, regions, and nations, providing definitive proof that civil disobedience and mass protests remain key forms of political mobilisation. Whether pushing for political change, social justice, or environmental action, these movements often spanned generations and cut across traditional social divisions. They also often showed the inspiring and contagious power that local struggles could wield.  

But what is their legacy? How have they influenced the political landscape in the countries in which they took hold? This discussion will be an opportunity to draw conclusions about what these protests tell us about the state of our democracy and politics today, as well as the key lessons for both policy-makers and activists about the link between social mobilisation, institutions, and political change and how this can be harnessed to build a more just future.  



·         Jelena Vasiljević Belgrade city councillor and Senior Research Associate at Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade

·         Klementyna Suchanow writer and founding activist of the Polish and international Women's Strike movements

·         Cristina Flesher Fominaya Professor in Global Studies at Aarhus University and author of Democracy Reloaded: Inside Spain's Political Laboratory from 15-M to Podemos. 

·         Moderator: Teo Comet Coordinator of Tilt! European citizens movement 


After hearing from our panel, there will be an opportunity to share your perspectives and to take the discussion further with other attendees over a drink. 


When:  October 5th at 19.00 


Where: Mundo B, Rue dEdimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels


Please visit our website for further details on all the events in the series, and to register to attend. 


We hope to see you there!

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Mercredi 05 octobre 2022 - 19h00 / 22h00