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Call for an external sustainability expert

The Steering Committee of the Green Sports Hub Europe (later labelled as GSHE) project, co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme, is looking for a subcontractor to join the partnership and offer specialized expertise on sustainability.

The selected External Sustainability Expert will be acting as Content Adviser and Quality Controller throughout the project. Interested organisations are requested to submit to the GSHE Secretariat by January 31 2021, a 2 to 3 pagers offer, including: 
*A packaged budgeted offer - including your own estimation of working days for the tasks listed
*Presentation of the organisation expertise in the area
*Brief Bio of the staff members who will be involved delivering the work
*Confirmation of availability as per the timeline introduced. 

The document is to be sent via email to:
*Yann Leymarie, Project Manager for Surfrider Foundation Europe and Sustainability Content Director for the GSHE Project, yleymarie@surfrider.eu 
*Carole Ponchon, Coordinator of the GSHE Project Secretariat, carole.ponchon@beinnovactiv.com 

More information in the document attached. Thanks for your interest!
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Gaëlle Haut