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Centre for the Advancement of Civil Society Organisations / CEACSO

The Centre for the Advancement of Civil Society Organisations (CEACSO) est une asbl qui travaille pour l’empowerment des organisations du secteur social en Europe, afin qu’elles puissent être plus performantes et avoir un impact plus large dans la société. Nous appuyons leur travail en leur proposant une aide sous forme de support stratégique, de renforcement de capacités et des opportunités de mise en réseau".


Survey on Monitoring and Evaluation

Conscious of the difficulties that many organisations phase to implement and follow a structured process for monitoring and evaluation, both at organisational and project level, at CEACSO  we are launching a project for developing a tool to facilitate the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation practice. As a first step we are...

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Tuesday 30 january 2018 - 09h30 / 13h00

Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation. What to change to improve?

Monitoring and evaluation are interrelated and should be considered from the design to the completion of the project or programme. In this workshop, we will present how to achieve the consonance between monitoring and evaluation, we will increase the knowledge of the evaluation function and we will apply this approach to the organizational...

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Wednesday 17 mai 2017 - 09h30 / Wednesday 24 mai 2017 - 13h00

Workshop: Tools for Social Impact

If you are an NGO working directly with the beneficiaries, this is a workshop helping you set up the key elements for a social impact strategy. For an organization interested in understanding and measuring the social impact of its activities, the key step begins with tools which outline reasons why we do them and what is the actual outcome on the...

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Tuesday 06 december 2016 - 14h00 / 17h00

EU Daphne Program: How to Apply and Manage Projects

Daphne is the main funding programme of the European Union for the prevention of violence against women, children, young people and other vulnerable groups. In this seminar, we will explore the programs priorities as well as its most important features, in order to make you able to submit competitive proposals for the calls that...

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Tuesday 22 november 2016 - 14h00 / 15h00

Webinar: Understanding the Funding Opportunities of the EU

Obtaining funds from the European Union can be an intricate process, but with a clear understanding of the general guidelines and procedures this becomes a much easier task. In this webinar, we will introduce you to the main funding programmes of the EU in the social sector, and we will help you identify the relevant opportunities in your field of...

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Wednesday 07 december 2016 - 09h00 / 12h30

Workshop: Social Impact Assessment for NGOs

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is an important tool for NGOs to understand how their projects may affect their target populations. By identifying and measuring the likely effects of their planned actions in the social ecosystem, SIA provides organisations with a valuable insight to assure that their work will effectively contribute to achieve...

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Thursday 24 november 2016 - 11h00 / 12h00

Webinar: Introducción a las oportunidades de financiación de la UE

Obtener subvenciones de la Unión Europea puede ser un proceso complicado, pero una comprensión clara de los procedimientos y las pautas generales puede facilitarle esta tarea a su organización. En este webinar, le presentaremos los principales programas de financiación de la UE en el sector social, y le daremos las herramientas...

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Thursday 20 october 2016 - 14h00 / 17h00

Integrating Crowdfunding Into Your NGO Funding Strategy

The recent expansion of crowdfunding represents a valuable opportunity for NGOs to diversify their sources of income and to build more meaningful engagement with their communities. However, planning ahead is essential for running successful campaigns for your projects. The objective of this seminar is to help you integrate collaborative finance as...

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Monday 30 mai 2016 - 13h30 / 17h00

Workshop: Crowdfunding and Collaborative Funding for NGOs

The impressive expansion of crowdfunding in the recent years is developing an alternative and more collaborative way of finance. This represents a valuable opportunity for civil society organisations to overcome reductions in existing sources of finance and to diversify the fundraising strategies of their projects. In this workshop, we will...

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