Mundo b

Ethical Property Europe s.a. / EPE

Ethical Property Europe s.a. / EPE owns and manages office centres for social change organizations, be they NGOs or social profit companies, in Belgium and supports their establishment in France. Thanks to the opening of Mundo-b in 2009 (in joint ownership with scrl Maison du Développement Durable) and of Mundo-n in 2011, Mundo-j in 2014 and Mundo-a en 2018, the Ethical Property centres currently house about more as 1000 employees active in about 250 organizations. Our 12 2000m² of offices were refurbished and are managed with the highest environmental requirements.


Covid-19 measures in our centres as of May 4

Covid-19 measures in the Mundo centres as of May 4, 2020 Given the partial relaxing of the confinement as from May 4, and although teleworking remains the advised option, some of you expect to be a bit more regularly present in the office starting next week. Our teams have therefore worked hard over the past few days to adapt your Mundo centres, in...

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Exhibition at Mundo!

Are you an artist; painter or photographer? Are you looking for a place to present your works to a large audience? We offer you the walls of our cafeterias in Mundo-b (Matonge), Mundo-j (European quarter) and Mundo-n (Namur)! You can leave your works displayed for 2 months where they will be seen by all the people working in our buildings, but also...

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Bureaux éthiques pour associations durables

Un bel article paru dans Supplément à La Libre Belgique - N°44 - Semaine du 12 au 18 Décembre 2019 BUREAUX ÉTHIQUES pour associations durables L'immobilier ne joue pas seulement la carte du social et de l'éthique dans le domaine du logement. Des initiatives existent et se multiplient sur le marché des bureaux et...

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Pinpon foodtruck - every Thursday

Dear all, As you know, were looking for a restaurant owner and caterer. We've received interesting applications and we hope to announce our choice soon. In the meantime, we'd like to offer you the possibility to buy the delicious food of Pinpon right on our doorstep. Pinpon catered our 10 year anniversary event in September. From this week on,...

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Mundo-a zoekt een verantwoordelijke onthaal, administratie en logistiek

Voor Mundo-a, het nieuwe kantoor- en vergadercentrum aan het EcoHuis in Borgerhout, zijn we op zoek naar een klantvriendelijke, oplossingsgerichte en proactieve medewerker (22,5u per week, in de voormiddag). De verantwoordelijke beheert de dagelijkse aspecten van het centrum op zelfstandige wijze en zorgt voor vlotte communicatie met het...

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Sunday 22 september 2019 - 14h00 / 17h00

Bezoek Mundo-a op de Dag van de Architectuur

We stellen Mundo-a open voor het grote publiek. Op zondag 22 september kan je hier terecht voor gratis rondleidingen tussen 14u00 en 17u00. Een rondleiding duurt ongeveer 45 minuten. Een Mundo zoals een ander? Ja en nee! Mundo-a verzamelt vzw's, ngo's en sociale bedrijven, maar voor de eerste keer onder een gloednieuw (groen)dak. Tijdens de...

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Saturday 29 september 2018 - 17h30 / 22h00

Dinner + concert on the roof of Mundo-a

Come wine and dine with a view, on the brand new roof of Mundo-a in Antwerpen, prepared by the Eco-café. High above the busy streets of Borgerhout, we dim the lights for live music by Lilith.  Lilith will share both original music and covers with a twist, joined by the guitar and the piano. In short, a cosy evening under open skies...

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