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Fairtrade Belgium

Fairtrade Belgium is the Fairtrade Mark. Max Havelaar gives its label to products that comply with the international Fairtrade standards. This benefits several millions of households, from developing countries. The payment of a fair price, prohibition of child labour, freedom of union and respect of nature are part of the many criteria. The Fairtrade Belgium mark can be found on many products such as coffee, fruits, juices, chocolate, tea, sugar, wine, rice, cotton, cosmetics, roses, etc.


Thursday 16 february 2023 - 09h00 / Friday 16 february 2024 - 09h00


FAIRTRADE is recruiting:  .NET/MVC DEVELOPER  (Based in Brussels) Fairtrade changes the way trade works by putting farmers and workers first. Our mission is to connect disadvantaged producers and consumers, promote fairer trading conditions and empower producers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their...

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Tuesday 07 february 2023 - 15h00 / Sunday 07 mai 2023 - 15h00

Communication manager B2B2C

A great opportunity for someone who wants to contribute to a more humane and sustainable economy in a highly value-oriented organization. You will get many opportunities to develop yourself and your talents and further grow our organization. Our work environment at Fairtrade Belgium is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit in which you are...

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