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Kamilou Restaurant/Cafétéria

Kamilou is a cafetaria/snacks which offers lunches based on organic, fair and local products. You can enjoy breakfast, original sandwiches, salads, quiches, soups made with seasonal vegetables and desserts. For drinks, juices Oxfam, Bionades, hot drinks, beers and organic wines are offered.


Kamilou is back!

Tired of lonely lunch breaks ? Good news: following the authorization to reopen the restaurant terraces, Kamilou will restart its activities in Mundo-b on Monday 10 May. Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 3PM, come and enjoy their delicious salads, quiches, sandwiches, drinks and tapas plates, on the sunny terrace and in the garden. Take away is...

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Friday 02 december 2016 - 17h30 / 22h30

Carte Blanche à l'absl Bah Voyons! Alter After Work

Vendredi 2 Décembre 2016 - Carte Blanche à l'asbl Bah Voyons! -17h30 présentation du panier culturel Kilti Inspiré des paniers de fruits et légumes bio vendus en circuit-court, le panier culturel est une initiative pour consommer local. Acheter un panier culturel c'est soutenir la création belge et les lieux culturels...

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Thursday 05 november 2015 / Friday 06 november 2015


You can win 2 bottles of sparkling wine at noon for the evening! Food, music, drinks and joy at Mundo-b November 5th

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