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Since March 2020, several restrictions and health measures have been put in place in the Mundo centres to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. Find below the documents that detail and explain what has been put in place in our centres.

As a member of the Belgian Workspace Association, we equally adhere to their Covid proof charter, making Mundo a safe workplace for our tenants.

***New version of the protocol available*** (update: september 15, 2021)

Our meeting rooms

Clear signs are posted in each meeting room to ensure responsible and safe use: please follow the instructions. You will also find the necessary products in the room to disinfect surfaces before and after use.

A videoconference system has been put in place in each centre for virtual meetings. For more information, contact your receptionist.

Information from https://www.info-coronavirus.be/fr/ on 07/01/2022

Professional meetings necessary for the continuity of the management of the company, its activities or its services (e.g. meetings, training courses, etc.) are allowed and must be organised in accordance with the rules applicable in the workplace

>Meeting open to the public of less than 50 people= i.e. open to anyone who wishes to participate (e.g. info session, training open to everyone, conference with public)

  • Distancing recommended
  • Mask mandatory
  • Mandatory sitting position

>All meetings with more than 50 people

  • Covid Safe ticket mandatory - must be checked by the meeting organiser
  • CO2 sensor required - 900 ppm CO2 standard. (available at reception)
  • No distancing rule
  • Mask mandatory

Our offices

Each office is cleaned on a regular basis, as well as the communal areas, with specific attention for surfaces such a door handles, lift buttons and so on. On demand, we can provide certain products: desk dividers, hydroalcoholic gel, surface disinfectant, spray bottles... Our ventilation does not recycle the air. All around our centres, you will find clear signage on the floors, in meeting rooms, in corridors etc.

Our coworking spaces

Our coworking spaces are equally accessible, on reservation: users can check the availability of desks to avoid overcrowding. All tenants have received the health protocols. Desks are equipped with desk dividers or the desks are at least 1,5m apart.

Updates of the protocols are sent to all members and will be updated on this page as well.

For questions about our health protocols, get in touch with your receptionist.