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Documentary screening “The Illusion of Abundance”

Documentary screening

The documentary film The Illusion of Abundance (La Ilusión de la Abundancia) co-produced by CIDSE and other 20 civil society organisations will be screened at Cinema Aventure on Thursday 27 October 2022, at 7 PM.


About the Documentary

The film follows three women facing the destructive actions of some of the largest transnational corporations in Latin America. Bertha lives deep in the Lenca indigenous region of Honduras, Carolina is in the middle of a historical mining region in Brazil, and Maxima resists from her house in Peru, next to the worlds second largest gold mine. Despite the distance between them, these women share a common goal: defend the rights and livelihoods of their community, and protect our planet, land, rivers and climate from harmful corporate activities.

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Thursday 27 october 2022 - 19h00 / 20h00