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Film screening - Film Thule Tuvalu | Voices for the Ocean

Facing the consequences of climate change, communities worldwide and in Europe are raising their voices and showing the way to go to tackle climate change. Solutions exist and more can be done to scale-up these solutions.

Inspired by these communities, Surfrider Foundation Europe is pleased to invite you to join us for the FREE screening of the film Thule Tuvalu by Matthias von Gunten.

Synopsis Thule Tuvalu: Thule lies in the extreme north of Greenland, Tuvalu is a small island state in the Pacific Ocean. In spite of this huge distance and their polarity, the two places are intimately related by a stroke of fate: whilst in Thule the ice is retreating ever further and turning into seawater, in Tuvalu sealevel is perpetually rising. The film deals with the people in Thule and Tuvalu whose lives are changing forever.

The film is in English with English subtitles
Run time: 1h30
For more information about the film:

This is a FREE event.

Please register by January 30th at the latest through EvenBrite:

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Thursday 06 february 2020 - 17h45 / 20h30



Gaëlle Haut
T. 02 893 10 53