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Group departure for the #InmyName mobilisation

Group departure to the #InMyName mobilisation

The mobilisation

Lets change the course of Europe on Wednesday, 
December 13 at 5 PM, 
the day before the European Council summit

The European Union keeps pushing back an unacceptable situation, making the Mediterranean a cemetery and negotiating with the Southern countries in order to make them our border guards. We believe that another Europe is possible.

Lets defend Migration Justice:
- A real, safe and legal way to Europe and the immediate halt to violence on the borders.
- Same rights for every person living on European territory in order to stop social dumping.
Let us mobilize.
Workers, unemployed, citizens of all ages and horizons, we are all in the same boat. 
We are Europe. Lets change course.
Meeting @ Arts-Loi at 5 PM, Wednesday, December 13.

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Wednesday 13 december 2017 - 16h45 / 16h45



Fatima Biberian
T. 02 893 08 70