Mundo b


Gambettes Dioxide: a bicycle delivery cooperative

Delivery by bicycle transport: it is simple and not more expensive than with other polluting means of transport.

A zero emission solution, a fast, reliable, secure service for the goods and good for Brussels.

At the base of this project, in 2008, Damien, a lover of Brussels, cycling and puns, was extremely frustrated to see his city paralyzed by traffic.

He is embarking on a real challenge to substitute a small portion of the carbon dioxide in legs dioxide! Its purpose is to substitute bicycle routes for professional trips usually made by car.

After 7 years on the road to deliver parcels of companies, institutions and individuals committed to a more humane city and more respectful of its environment, the adventure took a new form with the passage to cooperative social purpose. Currently housed in Mundo-b, 5 pedalists on stable part-time contracts pedal and more than 35 co-operators support the activity, giving meaning to their savings. If you also want to make sense of your savings, we will be happy to make it profitable.

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0487 / 388-770

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