Mundo b


ERGO Network is giving away furniture

We are giving away four office tables - each for 20 Euro. We would prefer if someone takes all of them, as we are currently all in home office. - 1 simple table 150cm x 75cm - 2 tables 200cm x 160 cm (L-shape) - 1 table 160 cm x 80 cm (small L-shape) Pay what you want :-) You can see them here:...

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Offrez des cadeaux qui ont du sens

La période qui vient de s'écouler a été intense et riche en émotion. Alors pourquoi ne pas terminer l'année de façon solidaire en offrant des cadeaux plein de valeurs à vos équipes ? Chez Oxfam-Magasins du monde, nous sommes là pour vous aider à faire le bon choix. Vous souhaitez offrir un...

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Which creative lockdown solutions do you use?

Which creative lockdown solutions do you use?Digital trainings, after work team events from your living room, cardboard colleagues in the office (spotted in Mundo-a!)...We're collecting as many lockdown tips as possible to share them with all Mundo organisations in a newsletter. Send us a picture and a few sentences about your approach.How?Send...

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Accessible Yoga at Mundo-madou

Dear Madou Members, and Mundo Members  We are happy to offer you the possibility to follow Yoga Classes every Friday at Mundo-madou. Where : in the Artemisia room on the main floor . When : starting on February 21  during the lunchtime between  12:30-13 :30  All information concerning this Yoga...

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Exhibition at Mundo!

Are you an artist; painter or photographer? Are you looking for a place to present your works to a large audience? We offer you the walls of our cafeterias in Mundo-b (Matonge), Mundo-j (European quarter) and Mundo-n (Namur)! You can leave your works displayed for 2 months where they will be seen by all the people working in our buildings, but also...

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Eurodad is giving away furniture!

We are giving away this furniture. If you are interested in one or several object(s), please contact us ( or 02/894.46.40) or drop by our office on the 3rd floor. 

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