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Covid-19 measures in our centres

UPDATE: version 3 starting 3 September 2020

The protocols that are applicable since May 4 have been updated. You can find the new version in attachment.

Please communicate these protocols to your visitors as well.


Covid-19 measures in the Mundo centres as of May 4, 2020

Given the partial relaxing of the confinement as from May 4, and although teleworking remains the advised option, some of you expect to be a bit more regularly present in the office starting next week. Our teams have therefore worked hard over the past few days to adapt your Mundo centres, in order to make them compliant with the new Covid rules and as safe as possible, both for you and for our teams. We have read multiple documents, drafted plans, written protocols, moved furniture, glued stickers, cleaned, we fought to get the necessary supplies All of this is taking shape in order to welcome the people who will return to their office next week.

You will find attached the first version of the protocol which contains all the rules relating to the communal areas of your Mundo centre. We kindly ask you to read it thoroughly and to communicate it to your teams.

In order to help everyone to get used to the new rules and new behaviors in optimal conditions, we advise you to plan a progressive return to the office. This will also allow our teams to implement and adapt this new protocol calmly.

These are new and unprecedented measures, the duration of which we do not know. The protocol that we have put in place must therefore be considered as a process during which the rules will be continuously improved based on on-site observations. We hope to be able to count on your constructive cooperation and understanding during the first days if everything is not yet 100% perfect. You will be welcome to give any feedback to the 'corona responsible' of your organization, who is in contact with us.

We look forward to seeing you again in the coming days or weeks, in a new and complex environment. However, we are convinced that we will be able to recreate a friendly atmosphere favorable to the many challenges that await you and us. Social, environmental and economic challenges that the current crisis has partly distracted from but certainly not diminished.

Best wishes,

The Mundo teams