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Mundo b

The Mundo-Bib is a practical space in the basement of the Mundo-b building overlooking an ecological garden. 

In there you can read books for free, borrow instructional and educational material, read a magazine, work without being disturbed, watch DVDs and videos from our media collection ... Several organizations of Mundo-B already brought us their books : Goodplanet Belgium, Wervel, Fern, Quinoa and Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken.

The topics you can find are on water, nature, waste, energy, mobility, climate, environment, fair trade ... Reusable goblets for a party or a meeting can be obtained for the Mundo-b tenants.There's also a seed library.

It is best to come on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, as on these days there will be two volunteers from the association GREEN to assit you. Open from Monday to Wednesday 9.30-13 and 14-17. An online catalogue is available.

See you soon!

Edinburgstreet 26
1050 Brussels (Porte de Namur)
02 893 08 35