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(Re)Inventing Myself! Re-discovering my life & career abroad workshop

"A workshop with Manuela Caramujo, Journalist & Living abroad expert

and Natália Leal, Executive and Life Coach" 

"Moving to a new country brings with it very specific challenges, and its often hard to deal with all the personal and professional changes related to it. How can you deal with a new culture, no friends, career frustration, overall uncertainty and find (again) a balanced life and fulfilling career? 


This small workshop (max. 16 people) aims to create a space for reflection on the personal and professional challenges of (regularly) moving abroad and how best to deal with them. At the end, participants will have gained a greater sense of awareness about themselves and their options, as well as concrete ideas and actions to achieve a more balanced life while living abroad.


The workshop will include a few exercises and 3 parts:


Part I: Discovering yourself - Finding your own happy spot; 

Part II: Moving abroad - Coping with the different phases of adaptation in a new country;

Part III: Towards a fulfilling career - Steps to build a successful career."


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Jeudi 21 mars 2019 - 09h00 / 13h00


Natalia Léal

Natalia Leal