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Christmas donation box, at reception (solidarity action for women in need)


Deadline December 13

Box to fill (at reception), donations as presents for women living under the protection of The Centre for Prevention of Domestic Violence in Brussels (, and they are specifically asking for:

scarves, gloves, bags, purses, jewellery, perfume and make-up(things they never take with them when they leave their home).

It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be new or unused.

If you can lend a hand and buy one of the items above, do let me know. If you dont have the time to buy anything but want to contribute, feel free to donate some money in the box, which Ariadna Rodrigo of Greenpeace will match (e.g. you give 10 euros and she will put 10 euros) and use to buy a present.

 For more info, please contact Esther Friends of the Earth Europe, 2nd floor tel 02.893.10.37

Many thanks for your support in solidarity!

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Vendredi 22 novembre 2019 - 12h00 / Samedi 14 decembre 2019 - 09h00


Friends of the Earth Europe / FoEE

Esther Bourrée

T. 02.893.10.37