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Debate : sustainable leadership for a world in transition

CEC European Managers

Debate : sustainable leadership for a world in transition
17 June, 14 :30 at Mundo B


In the light of the pressing economic, environmental and social challenges the EU has to face, actors as diverse as policy-makers, businesses, managers and citizens have to contribute their fair share to shape the sustainability transition.

In today's policy debates however, the current focus on consumption and production patterns insufficiently takes into account the role of world of work has for attaining better Triple Bottom Line (TBL) performance*. Furthermore, concepts such as Corporate Social Responsibility have struggled to put sustainability to the core of business models.

CEC European Managers, representing around one million managers at EU-level, therefore invites you to join the discussion on the changing purpose of the managerial profession.

During the event, CEC will present its Sustainable Leadership Guidelines and host a panel debate on changing leadership skills, manager education (esp. MBAs & VET) and sustainability reporting, among others.

Speakers include:
- Martin Rich, Future Fit Foundation
- Martin Porter, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership

The event will be followed by networking drinks and snacks.

Please register by getting a free ticket:

Please find our Sustainable Leadership Guidelines here:

CEC European Managers is one of the six EU cross-industry social partner organisations recognised by the European Commission. Created in 1951, CEC represents around one million managers in Europe through its national and sectoral federations.

* Triple Bottom Line performance refers to performance on KPIs in the economic, social and environmental domain.

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Lundi 17 juin 2019 - 14h30 / 18h00


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