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News and Booze #11 Crisis Communication: How to Keep Calm and Carry On

If theres one person who knows what its like to be in the middle of a crisis its Amadeu Altafaj. As European Commission spokesperson for Humanitarian Affairs and Development, he went from tsunamis in Asia to refugee camps in Darfur, prisons in Ethiopia to the transition in DRC. Later as spokesperson on economic and monetary affairs and the euro from 2010-2012, Amadeu spent two years firefighting the EUs biggest ever crisis. After leaving the Commission he was the Representative of the Catalan government to the EU, only to see his post dissolved by Madrid.

For our next session on June 18, Amadeu will join experienced communication consultant - and News and Booze co-founder - Jo Sullivan to discuss how to keep calm and carry on communicating when a crisis hits.

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Lundi 18 juin 2018 - 18h00 / 20h00


European Network on Debt & Development / Eurodad

Jeronimo Ruiz Victoria
T. 02 894 46 50