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THE 28th JUNE, The human right to water in the new UN Agenda 2030 - proposal for a water human right

The seminar will consist in the analysis, followed by a debate, on our proposal to launch a treaty on the human right to water and sanitation: it is our answer to the economic approach of the international community that guarantees only the access to water at an affordable market price. Here we define the modalities to guarantee such a human right, as the minimum quantity for the dignity of life. The object of the seminar is to create a first group for a european support committee, and start developing a common strategy.


28th  JUNE, Brussels

The human right to water in the new UN Agenda 2030

Proposal for a Water Human Right Treaty

2.30 5.30 pm Conference room

Mundo B Rue de Edinbourg Brussels


- Greetings and introduction to the workshops
Rosario Lembo President of the Italian Committee for World Water Contract (CICMA)

Self presentation of the participants

- Why water as a human right is necessary

by Mr. Riccardo Petrella President Ierpe

          - Waterhumanrighttreaty:  motivations and innovations of the proposal
by Rosario Lembo- PresidentCICMA

- Debate and discussion

Coordinated by  Giovanna Procacci CICMA advisor

- The support modalities for the campaign

by Marco Iob CICMA advisor

          - Debate and discussion 

Coordinated  by  Giovanna Procacci CICMA advisor

- Closing of the works

NB. welcome confirmation of participation to  info@waterhumanrighttreaty.org



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Mardi 28 juin 2016 - 14h30 / 17h30


SaferWorld Europe

Lucia Montanaro
T. 02 893 08 38