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Women's strike

The 9th of march is the International women's strike - What can you do to support the strike?

If you can, don't go to work
Remember: we all have the right to strike. If you are member of a trade union that called for a strike officially, you can claim a compensation from the trade union directly. (Check the procedures with your trade union!)

If you can't take the day off, you can...

- Take some hours off
- Make some noise between 11:00 and 14:00
- Wear something purple
- Set an out-of-office email saying that is International Women's strike and summarizing the reasons of the strike
- Focus your work on women related topics
- Ask your male colleagues to take on some of your tasks
- Don't clean the office or the office kitchen. Your male colleagues can do it!
- Organise a feminist movie screening with your co-workers

There will be a screening at Mundo J, at 4PM: join! 

You can find lots of material and ideas on www.8maars.be!