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Graphic designer wanted (Consultancy)

The End FGM European Network is looking for a graphic designer/design company to produce high-quality documents with reader-friendly designing. The final suite of documents will serve as primary source of information for educators, teachers and project partners.

Want to apply? Download the Terms of Reference here! https://www.endfgm.eu/news-en-events/news/graphic-designer-wanted-project-gender-abc/ 
Deadline: July 10, 2019

In 2018, the End FGM European network was awarded a grant from the European Commission to implement a project called Gender ABC. This project is in partnership with our members in Italy (AIDOS), Portugal (APF), Spain (Medicos del Mundo) and Germany (TERRE DES FEMMES). 

The suite of documents includes:
- 18 educational modules (see Annex for detail) 
- Risk assessment
- General methodology
- Glossary

All these will be designed based on the English version of the text. This master-copy / template will then be used to integrate the same content translated in 5 other languages: Spanish, Basque, Italian, Portuguese and German.

The consultant will:
A. Develop a draftInspired by the Gender ABC logo branding the designer/design company is expected to develop design options for the modules. Please note that these should be done using the English version of the text.
B. ProductionThe chosen design template will then be adapted to the 5 other languages. Please note as this is a consortium, adequate time must be made available for feedback/finalisation. There will be a minimum of 3 phases of iteration. 

More info: https://www.endfgm.eu/news-en-events/news/graphic-designer-wanted-project-gender-abc/