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NGO Freelance Photographer

I am a freelance photographer & videographer based between Brussels and London. Though my work ranges from event and wedding photography & films to portraiture, my passion for human rights issues has always led me to clients in the NGO and humanitarian field. I am available for photo & video shoots to capture events, as well as for editorial photoshoots for NGO printed/online publications including annual reports, website/social media stock photos and promotional materials. My portfolio can be viewed at www.soma-visions.com. Contact me, Lara Maysa Ingram, at somavisions@gmail.com for my rates and for any further information.

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Vendredi 11 aout 2017 - 14h15 / Dimanche 31 decembre 2017 - 23h00


End Female Genital Mutilation European Network / End FGM

Anna Widegren
T. 02 893 09 07