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Terra Curanda VZW

Terra curanda -Education for a Solidary Planet- means "Earth should be cared for". The aim of this organization is to offer an open space for interdisciplinary dialogue and critical reflections on global issues in order to meet the challenges of our interdependent world and promote respect and care for all the peoples on Earth and for the Earth itself. Humanity and Earth deserve care as they are now more vulnerable than ever before. Vulnerability is not bad in itself, but it accompanies goodness and beauty, as well as symbolises the human condition. Vulnerability is not a symbol of weakness or guilt, but implies a universal claim for care and respect. A refugee child, a subjugated woman, an oppressed indigenous person or an elderly beggar are some of the excluded faces of our Earth and the universal face of human vulnerability.

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Maria del Carmen Patricia Morales

T. 0476 36 77 17