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We are hiring ! Campaigner - researcher Corporate Capture and Big Tech

Are you fed up with the power of Google, Facebook, and other Big Tech players? Are you passionate about tackling social injustice, economic inequality, and climate change? Could you be our new researcher and campaigner on corporate capture & Big Tech?

See https://corporateeurope.org/en/recruiting-corporate-capture-big-tech

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a research and campaign group working to expose and challenge the privileged access and influence enjoyed by corporations and their lobby groups in EU policy making.

The researcher/campaigner will contribute to CEOs work to roll back corporate capture of EU policy-making, with a key focus on exposing the influence of Big Tech firms and other corporate lobby actors.

You will become the lead person in CEO for digital / technology issues, working with colleagues across the team and within civil society coalitions. The researcher/campaigner will also contribute to CEOs wider work on corporate capture: advancing solutions to limit the power of corporations and improve democratic decision-making.

Your main tasks will be to:

  • Campaign against the capture of key EU policies by Big Tech and other corporate actors
  • Research and write reports and articles exposing the lobbying power and the strategies of Big Tech and other examples of corporate capture of EU decision-making
  • Communicate and do outreach to strengthen the visibility and impact of CEO's work
  • Cooperate with partner organisations in civil society coalitions

See https://corporateeurope.org/en/recruiting-corporate-capture-big-tech

Working at CEO means being part of a team which strives for horizontal, collaborative and participatory decision-making and team processes. There is no line management and each team member takes strong responsibility for their own tasks and workload. All employees are expected to contribute to the internal working groups that are the backbone of the organisation. There is, of course, always space to discuss and adapt to individual needs, ask for support, and get feedback.

Our team is engaged in transforming our organisational culture towards a sustainable work load and a good work-life balance. This is not an easy task in our often high-pressured professional environment, requiring a change in our own attitudes towards work and stress levels.

Look forward to see your application at https://corporateeurope.org/en/recruiting-corporate-capture-big-tech

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Dinsdag 24 mei 2022 / Woensdag 15 juni 2022 - 23h45


Corporate Europe Observatory / CEO

Olivier Hoedeman
T. 02 893 09 30