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The Mundo Hive, the shared working space 

The Hive is designed to support young organisations wishing to have an office in Brussels, either for a temporary presence or on a one-off basis. It offers small NGOs, non-profit organisations, companies, etc. the chance to become a member of Mundo for an annual fee, giving access to all the common facilities of the centre and to a fully equipped workstation in the shared office space.

Working in the Hive also means enjoying...

  • An extensive network of associations in sustainable development
  • Access to all Mundo centers meeting rooms
  • Access to all the common infrastructures (gardens, cafeteria, showers, library, etc.),
  • Access to fibre optic internet,
  • Storage space,
  • A network printer,
  • All electricity, heating and cleaning charges,
  • The possibility to register your head office with us.

In the Summer of 2024, the building will undergo renovations. The Hive will be relocated to the ground floor by the end of the year, making it more accessible. To be continued!

Hive packages adapted to your needs ! These packages includes a munber of credits that will enable you to book one or more workstations and to book meeting rooms in all Mundo centers. For more information on those packages, please contact workspaces@mundo-lab.org, 02 329 00 07