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Western Sahara Resource Watch / WSRW

WSRW is an international network of organisations and activists researching and campaigning against the companies working for Moroccan interests in occupied Western Sahara. We are a network of volunteers in more than 40 countries led by one Coordinator. Western Sahara is occupied by Morocco. Entering into deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied area lends a sign of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities for Moroccan settlers and income for the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch works in solidarity with the people of Western Sahara. The majority of the country's indigenous population, the Saharawis, has lived in refugee camps in the Algerian desert since Morocco occupied their homeland in 1975. Some of the Saharawi population, however, remain in the occupied territories, where they are subjected to serious human rights violations should they protest in favour of self-determination, or against the exploitation of Western Sahara's natural resources

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Sara Eyckmans

rue d'Edimbourg 26 1050 Ixelles